About Us


I am Wende Carter. My passion in life is providing opportunities for kids to experience that moment of sheer joy that happens when a connection is made, a light bulb goes on, or a vision becomes clear. The words “OH! I get it!” are music to my ears. Another passion is seeing kids deeply and completely absorbed in a learning activity. This is called “flow,” and it’s both a powerful motivator for learning and it’s own reward. In a lifetime of searching, the best way I have found to create these moments for children is the Montessori approach to education. I started The Montessori Forest so I could live my values every day.

Oh, and I have some more tangible qualifications, too:

  •   Montessori Certified
  •   Certified teacher in the state of Florida
  •   Master’s degree in Child Clinical Psychology
  • Certified Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor
  •   Over 2 decades of experience in education and psychology
  •   Homeschooling Mom