The Dream

At the elementary level, Montessori is all about self-directed, cooperative learning. The curriculum is brilliant and timeless. The philosophy focuses on helping kids know themselves, teach themselves, and make decisions that are best for them. But traditional Montessori education is expensive, and it’s full-time school.

Homeschooling is…whatever we want it to be! Homeschooling is the freedom to teach and live with our children in the ways that are best suited to our individual families. It can mean more family time, control over our schedules, intense togetherness, and the freedom to learn in meaningful ways. But homeschooling full-time is challenging. Our kids may experience high-quality learning, but they miss out on being part of a learning community.

Imagine a Montessori environment filled with homeschool kids. This is the dream…

Enter The Montessori Forest: the dream made real. The best of both worlds. Imagine your kids learning your way, on your schedule, and being a part of a vibrant learning community. You and your child work together to set goals. An experienced Montessori teacher provides the learning environment and tools needed to reach those goals.

The Montessori Forest homeschool enrichment program opened in August 2013, in San Marco (Jacksonville, FL). Since then, we have provided a flexible learning community that adapts to the needs of each student and family. We are a part-time elementary class (1st-3rd grade, 6-9 y.o.) that provides a rich social learning environment for homeschool families who value process over content. We focus on how to think rather than what to think. Children are empowered to chase dreams, explore the world, and become independent learners!

Our program is centered around The Five Great Lessons of the Montessori elementary curriculum. Students use authentic Montessori methods and materials that challenge their abilities across all subject areas, through their own interests. Though we have a full Montessori curriculum available, the part-time and self-directed nature of our approach means that individual students access a subset of the curriculum, based on their interests, needs, and the goals set by the family. This is an enrichment program, not a core competencies program. Our goal is to educate the whole child, not to plow  through the whole curriculum. We focus on guiding students along their own  path to becoming independent, lifelong learners.

Are you a good fit for The Montessori Forest? Answer the questions below to find out.

  1. Are you dissatisfied with factory style education as provided by public schools?
  2. Are you looking for a nurturing community that supports your child as a whole person?
  3. Do you want your child to gain validation and confidence intrinsically, rather than from other people?
  4. Do you want your child to be a divergent thinker?
  5. Do you trust your child’s natural curiosity and instincts to lead them to growth?
  6. Do you believe children should be able to express their wants, dreams, goals and collaborate with teachers on where to focus their learning?
  7. Can you commit to attending for an entire school year? We are building an ongoing community.
  8. Are you willing to get out of bed and bring your child to class on time?
  9. Are you open-minded, and willing to trust the process?

If you answered “yes” to most of those questions (numbers 8 & 9 can be real hard) you are a great fit for The Montessori Forest!

Please read more about our program and schedule a tour. We look forward to meeting you!